Site creation and development 

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Site creation


Digital agency has been operating since 2010. We create and promote commercial sites and online stores. During this time we have done more than 300 projects for small and medium business segments and continue to increase our expertise in this matter. Agency principles have a positive impact on the approach to the business. Understanding that each customer wants to get a working website at an affordable price, we focused on finding the minimum cost without compromising quality.

Prices for the creation of turnkey websites.

Fair and understandable pricing is what we consider to be one of our advantages. We optimized the workflow so as to offer services at the lowest price while maintaining the required quality of digital development. We use only those techniques that increase the conversion of the site and do not increase the cost. Setting clear prices and detailed estimates for the creation and promotion of sites - part of the chosen approach in dealing with customers.

Prices for the creation of turnkey websites

Website development with improvement

We help clients develop existing sites, including those developed by other agencies. This is a “point modernization”: we carefully and consistently change projects for the better.

The cost of creating turnkey web resources


Based on ready-made prototypes, designers create the future look of the site, taking into account the specifics of the subject matter and corporate style of the company. For each resource, we implement an adaptive design.

Website Design

Layout and programming

Frontend experts turn the finished design into HTML and add dynamics. The finished layout is adapted by programmers to the site management system. Implements additional functionality, filling content and setting analytics. At all stages of the programmers is accompanied by a tester.


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